In Exhibition right now!-In London

Autumn Globe Oil on Canvas by Jana Siebers
“Autumn Globe” 1 mx0.8m oil on canvas by Jana Siebers
Golden Crops- Oil on Canvas by Jana Siebers
” Golden Crops 1m x 0.8m Oil on Canvas by Jana Siebers

For a limited time only both of these paintings are on show in London as part of the Carre Gallery in London Summer Exhibition.

The show is at 20 Chepstow Road in Notting Hill W2 5BD, for those London art lovers familiar with the area this is in the artisan market area of Notting Hill, very near to the Maddox Gallery in Westbourne Grove .

The exhibition is up and running and will continue throughout the Summer. A chance to get up close and personal with the work!. Meanwhile after returning from a trip to the USA  the studio is busy with lots of inspiring projects on the go!.

“Golden Crops” on canvas by Jana Siebers soon to go into London Exhibition…..

Golden Crops- Oil on Canvas by Jana Siebers
Golden Crops-oil on canvas , 1mx0.9m by Jana Siebers

The work entitled “Golden Crops” is very much inspired by this time of year in the northern hemisphere. The skies can be  dark and brooding with bursts of sunshine in between. The fields all around are starting to feature the rich golden-yellow of the early crops of mustard and rape seed, known to some as farmers gold because it is an earlier crop before the  barley and wheat harvest.

M work is so closely tied to the seasons and painting Golden Crops has inspired so much other work , a small selection shown here.

This painting and possibly Autumn Globe will be on show within the next two months in London,more details of times and dates to follow……

Inspired by Early Autumn….

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There is no greater source of inspiration for making work than the constant cycle of renewal and growth of nature . First comes the end of the cycle that begins with all the changes of autumn. Here are some sketches and works on paper, the studio is buzzing with activity just waiting for the full blast of autumnal colour, mists and weather, with all the effects it has on the light.

Tapestry Collage into Spring…

The studio practice has been intense during Winter and into Spring 2018, developing paintings and drawings and working on commissions. It is invigorating to work on collage to bring in mixed media and texture. This work always seems to enliven colour combinations and it is a joy to work with natural ephemera such as feathers and skeletal leaves. Over the years the collages have become popular in their own right and have a following of collectors. There is a much larger selection of this work on the sister site to this blog, for more go to

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The Drift Pass Big Red- sold into a private collection

The Drift Pass Big Red- Oil on Canvas- 1m x 0.8m
“The Drift Pass Big Red ” Oil on Canvas 1m x 0.8m

Some paintings are made and stay in the studio influencing other work for some time. This painting is definitely one of them.The work has been exhibited and appreciated across the United Kingdom. Painted in many layers of oil glazes to achieve the luminous red light it gives out,this painting has been one of the cornerstones of the “Autumn” and ” Seeds or Stars” series all of which continues to grow, so it was time to allow this work to be sold to a private collector.

Here are just a few of the works that have been made under the influence of “The Drift Pass Big Red”

Softly saying goodbye to “The Drift Pass Big Red”….

At the Autumn Equinox More New Work: “Autumn Globe”

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This year the Autumn Equinox is today the 22nd of September. As this is a season that is such a source of inspiration it seems fitting to post another new large easel painting, presented here with details of it.

“Autumn Globe” is another large easel painting of 1 meter by just under 1 meter and has been worked on over the last year. To achieve the depth of colour  it has been built up in about twenty layers of glazes and more dense layers of colour. I was particularly looking at the way water interacts with fallen leaves and seeds to make micro worlds for a short time throughout Autumn.

New Work: “Autumn Begins” oil on canvas

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The work in the studio has been occupied with developing a new body of paintings over the past year,  one of these new works is presented here.  “Autumn Begins” is a large easel painting of approximately one meter by just under one meter. It has been worked up from a gesso  ground with under drawing and then oil washes leading into full colour, this  method is based on the principle of ‘fat over lean’ meaning the first several layers are less pigmented and so provide a more stable base for the painting to develop, not my methodology of course and there are more variants that can be added to the layers,  but the general principle works to provide longevity to the work, and  follows the good practice of all those oil painters that have gone before us.  The turn of the seasons especially into Autumn is such a provocative time for me, and provides an eternal subject that I find so inspiring. There are more works to be posted so watch this space!.